VoltWerks VW1 Power Supply

The VW1 linear supply provides adjustable DC power for lab and system use. Unlike most lab power supplies, VoltWerks has no clunky knobs. Precision trimmers and a fast current trip keep accurate power available at the point of load.

Simple and dependable operation

Connect to included power supply or USB port. Adjust output voltage with screwdriver. Press ON switch to enable output.

Here are just a few of the features that you’ll find in our power supplies:

  • No clunky knobs, no programming, no keypads.
  • Precision adjustment to 10mV or better.
  • Current trip, not current limit. If the current exceeds the set-point then power is cut, not limited (VW1 model)
  • Dual LCD readouts of voltage and current (VW1 model)
  • Convenient USB power input
  • Small Size (just 4.21” x 1.43” x 0.91”)
  • Low-noise linear regulator (not switching) for use with analog stages such as amplifiers and ADCs.

The VoltWerks Story

VoltWerks power supplies were launched in 2014 on Kickstarter. Since then we’ve shipped many hundreds of units to customers all around the world. Although VoltWerks is still unique and has a loyal following, there’s not enough volume to justify another full-scale production build. With inventory exhausted the VoltWerks online store closed June 12, 2018.

VoltWerks is a trademark of Revely Microsystems LLC.