Growver 2020 - coming to lawns soon!

Precise watering – Growver navigates your entire lawn, placing water with a gentle shower instead of spraying it through the air.

Reduce water use – Sensors ensure Growver won’t over-water, reducing water usage by up to 50%.

Easy Irrigation – With the perimeter wire installed, simply connect a hose to the refill station and press Run.

Connected – Use the Growver app to track water use, direct Growver to focus on particular areas of your yard, and even control him remotely.

Growver and creator Jon Guy were featured on CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor

Lawn sprinklers waste water!

Lawn sprinklers are expensive and difficult to repair!

Growver combines custom electronic hardware, software, firmware electro-mechanical technology

Real data showing water distribution improvement with Growver